Country trends

The focus of the Seven Countries Study was on population differences in risk factors, CHD risk and rates, first among cohorts and then within. The long-term follow-up provided information on trends in risk factors, CHD and all-cause mortality among, and within countries.

Trends on risk factors and mortality

Here you can find a visual representation of the trends for serum cholesterol levels, blood pressure, BMI, smoking and diabetes during 25-years of follow-up and for CHD and all-cause mortality during 40 years of follow-up. It should be noted that these trends are in surviving cohorts and do not accurately represent time trends in the population of these areas.

Cross-cultural correlations after 25 and 50 years follow-up

The cross-cultural associations were repeated using 25-year and 50-year CHD mortality data for serum cholesterol and saturated fat intake and later extended with associations on carbohydrates, flavonoids, and dietary patterns.

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