About the Seven Countries Study website

Goal of the website

This website seeks to display and explain the background, concepts, methods, and results of the Seven Countries Study, an unique on-going exploration of biology, environment, diet and lifestyle in the cause and prevention of heart attacks and blood vessel diseases. The site is directed particularly to students and professionals in medicine and public health but also is accessible to all readers interested in prevention of these diseases and in healthy aging.

Image credits

The images on this website include many from the archive on cardiovascular disease epidemiology and prevention of the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota and from its website, and are reproduced with permission of the archive’s Blackburn/Keys collection.Visit the sitemap for an overview of website content.

This website was supported through a grant to Academy Professor Daan Kromhout, Dutch investigator of the Seven Countries Study, from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The website was developed by Liesbeth Smit and Stephan van Duin (The Online Scientist) in collaboration with Eveline Waterham and Daan Kromhout of Wageningen University.


The aim of the Seven Countries Study website is to recount and illustrate the history and contributions of the study, including outcomes about risk factors, diet, lifestyle and health. The website is not intended to offer personal medical advice which should be sought from a physician or other qualified health provider and not be delayed by anything learned from this website.

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